5 Things you are likely to find in a Woman’s Purse

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5 Things you are likely to find in a Woman’s Purse

 One thing which most of the men aspire to know about the women is what is there in the purse of women. Most of the women do not tell anything about this as when they are asked then they only put a smile on their face. According to a recent survey conducted most of the women that they only carry the essentials in their hand purse but looking at the weight of the purse perception of a person changes. So keeping all these things in the mind below mentioned is a list of top 5 things that an individual can expect in a ladies purse or potli bags.

Cell Phone

In this digital world, all of them have a cell phone, and it is obvious that we can find it the woman’s purse. Women can’t stay without a cell phone in today’s modern world. Most of the women consider their cell phone as the best friend, and every woman aspires that it should ring as much as possible as they love this thing.Image result for 5 Things you are likely to find in a Woman’s Purse

Debit and Credit Cards

Another important thing which every woman has in their bag is debit and credit cards. As most of the women love to do shopping and spend long hours there, so it is necessary that they have all the important debit and credit cards in their bag. Without which all the women are going to have a tough time when visiting the outdoors.

Creams, Moisturizers, and lotion

A woman without these things in the bag is an incomplete purse. All the women when carrying their purse will have creams, moisturizers, and lotion in their bags. This is because all the women care for their body a lot and are quite sensitive towards it. So women who do not agree that they do not have these things in their bag mean they are telling a lie.


The one thing which is common among most of the women is a mirror. No matter whatever part of the world it may be, we can find a mirror in every woman’s sling bag. Although most of the women won’t agree to this this is a universal fact and it, for this reason, they are considered as liars under this situation.

Chocolates and makeup kit

Last but not the least which every woman will love to have in their purse are chocolates and makeup kit without which many women would die. All the women love to keep chocolates in their bags which they do not want to share with others. Apart from this all the women love to keep some change in their bag.

The list is endless as it may go on and on. The list is also an indication for those women who do not carry the basic items in their bag. But the thing is that most women keep only those things which they love the most.


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