A Man’s Complete Guide to Wearing T-Shirts

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A Man’s Complete Guide to Wearing T-Shirts

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When it comes to style and t-shirts, there are two camps of opinions generally. A vast majority of men feel that tees are a staple part of the wardrobe and they can wear them for every occasion with almost little to no thought. The others feel that t-shirts are childish and should only be worn in gyms or on a beach.

But in reality, the middle ground is where everyone should lie. It is obvious that there are some occasions where t-shirts don’t really fit in, but in the rest of them, they are the best apparel choice. Here is a simple guide to wearing t-shirts.

When to Wear a T-Shirt?

  1. When it comes to formal situations, even if it is a casual Friday at work, tees are not appropriate unless the office you work at is very casual. If anything feels like it is an event, then t-shirt shouldn’t be worn. Laid back or loosely organized hangouts and activities are the best places to wear t-shirts.
  2. The invention of tees was for sports, labor and for generally doing things. Therefore, the more you move and sweat, the more appropriate it becomes to be wearing a t-shirt.
  3. Young men and small kids are better suited to wear t-shirts. Post college men shouldn’t wear t-shirts. You would never see a thirty plus man wearing a Spiderman t shirt for kid.
  4. It is obvious that the fit of the t-shirt is important. All clothes look better on a physique that is fit. If you are thin or overweight, it is highly likely that the tee would either emphasize your belly or cling to you or engulf your skinny frame completely. Therefore, men who are either thin or overweight should not wear t-shirts and wear sports jackets or dress shirts that would accentuate their masculinity and hide their flaws.
  5. No matter how awesome the quality is, t-shirts are definitely not the best looking apparel in the world. Therefore, if your goal is to make a pretty good first impression, then it is advised that you wear something sharper. If you are just hanging out with old friends or running simple errands, then t-shirts are the perfect thing to wear, but in case you are going to a party or a get-together where you might get to meet lots of people who you have never met before, then you should wear something fancy.

T shirts for men would never go out of style, but there is always an appropriate time and place for them. So, make sure to wear them only when they are supposed to be worn.

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