Apple Is Not Just a Fruit It Is an Emotion for Many

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Apple Is Not Just a Fruit It Is an Emotion for Many

I still remember the time when I switched from a regular android phone to my dear little apple. It is an amazing feeling to own an apple be it any model i.e. Iphone 5, 5s, 6, 6s or now the breath taking brand new Iphone 7. The touch that you feel on the screen is one of its kinds and you can never feel the same when you touch the screen of any other phone.

College Students

Younger generation is crazy for brands. College students now are so brand conscious that they want everything of a good brand and nothing picked from rack. They make sure that they are branded from top to bottom. All that they wear be it watches, the accessories, the top, the bottom, the shoes and the bags. Everything needs to be branded. Now when they are so brand conscious they also aspire to own an apple. Such is the emotional connect with Apple. It is an aspirational product for everyone.3

Working class

Working class goes out for meetings and interacts with new people day in and day out. They need to look good and they need to own a phone that describes their personality as classy. Apple is also a sign of status for such audience.


Gaming enthusiasts need a phone that does not hang ever. Apple is known for the smooth functionality. It never hangs and gives the best user experience. What else would a gamer dream for?

Selfie Freaks

With Snapchat and Instagram on a roll these days, self obsession has gone up to a next level. What else can take care of this behavior then an Iphone with amazing camera features and brilliant filters plus clarity.

These people associate with Apple as brand loyalists and not just as consumers. They are happy using the Iphone and therefore keep on updating themselves to new generation without a miss.

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