Best Gift Ideas for Baby Shower

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Best Gift Ideas for Baby Shower

If you’re going to attend a baby shower, you must carry a gift. If the mom-to-be is close to you, then you will need to get a great one. Most gifts that people choose would be things that the mom-to-be can use once the baby is born. However, if you want to gift something really special, and different, you will have to put in some extra thought. Not all of us are great at gift shopping and if you’re someone who struggles to get the right gift, this article is going to help you big time!

A framed sonogram of the unborn baby:

Even if the baby isn’t born yet, the sonogram is the first picture of the little one. Any mother-to-be would well up if she sees a framed sonogram of her unborn baby. Once the baby grows up it will be a memory for him/her as well.

Cute baby dresses and accessories:

Shopping for cute baby dresses is great, even if you’re not a shopping addict. It’s like shopping for tiny dolls, and if you feel that you’re really bad at it, you can seek the help of a friend. Make sure that you know the gender of the baby before you buy a gender-specific dress like a frock. If the gender hasn’t been revealed yet, you can get something that can be worn by a boy, as well as, a girl. In such cases one could always refer to Gift resource – The Cuddl for choosing the right one.

Baby feeding items:

Feeding bottles come in a lot of shapes and colors, they can be a great gift for a baby shower. You can also gift boxes of baby food and drinks for the mom after the delivery.

Big basket of diapers:

You can get the mom-to-be a big pack of diapers, because she’s going to need a lot of them. Babies poop a lot, more than you think, and quite frequently. You can also gift the mom-to-be a diaper genie in which you can dispose all the used diapers.

Soothing sounds:

A new born baby will cry more than you’ve cried your entire life. Instruments that play soothing sounds for a baby, will help maintain a calm atmosphere in the room. This is to help the baby and the mom relax. This is why it makes for an amazing gift for a mom-to-be.

Books related to giving birth and infant care:

There will be a lot of confusion regarding the final stages of pregnancy, delivery of the baby, and taking care of a new born in the minds of a woman who’s in her last trimester. Gifting her informative books on such topics will help her know what to expect and how to deal with various new issues after the baby is born.

Slimming and grooming kit:

The mother goes through a lot during the delivery process, and it takes a while for her to recover from that procedure. Try to give her slimming and grooming kits that will help her get back in shape after she has her baby.

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