Choosing What to Wear in a Wedding

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Choosing What to Wear in a Wedding

A wedding can come up at any time of the year, leaving you with the inevitable question of what to wear in it? Whoever’s wedding it is, you have to be respectful to their big day and along with it, be at your utmost comfort and ease and look like the perfect fashionista. We’ve gathered these top tips so you can use them as a checklist to easily find the best outfit for the next wedding you attend. That way you can feel confident at the wedding by ensuring you look your best!

Don’t Dress Down but Don’t Outshine The Bride

It’s a big no-no to outshine the bride. It’s her big day so you don’t want to wear anything flashy or too attention-grabbing that will outshine her. However, that doesn’t mean you should dress down. Weddings are still formal occasions so a nice gown or formal suit in neutral colours is a perfect option. Generally, it’s best to avoid white though as this is the most popular choice for a wedding gown.

Choose a Flattering Dress

Even if the wedding is a casual event you don’t have to be too casually dressed up. You can wear a fairytale dress in light neutrals with flower patterns, or something which is flattering and attractive in appearance. It’s better to be a little over-dressed rather than being underdressed. A lace shawl or sweater can be a great option especially if the wedding takes place in colder months and you’re worried you might get a chill.

Consider The Weather

Do consider the weather. You don’t want to catch a cold if the wedding is planned during winter. In this case, consider something which blends elegance with warmth. A shawl, sweater, suit jacket, or tights can help to keep you warm in the winter months. A light shawl can be handy if the wedding is taking place in spring or autumn as well when the air is still cool. For summers something light and flowing with a light fabric will be ideal, that way you can stay cool and comfortable if it’s quite hot.

Don’t Wear Black or White

White is generally the colour of the bridal gown so it’s best to avoid this, similarly, black is generally associated with mourning so avoid that colour as well. Instead, choose neutrals such as lilac, soft yellow, pink and red for your dress. If you are attending a fall wedding the burgundies, reds, and darker shades that aren’t black are also a great option.

Wear Heels

High heels are a must-have look when accompanying your wedding outfit. You can choose heels in a shade that compliments your outfit for a perfect look. Plus, your heels will be a great option if you are wearing a particularly long gown, as they will add height, and it can help make sure you can poke your head out and be seen during the after-event wedding photography session for the wedding crowd.

Whether it is a vintage summer wedding, classic traditional wedding or beach summer wedding, you’ll be able to find the perfect wedding attire with these top tips. Dress with the advice of these top tips and you’ll feel your best that you can focus on enjoying the day and celebrating at the wedding!

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