Finding best Kids Bike Helmets for Toddlers

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Finding best Kids Bike Helmets for Toddlers

Every year we see so many bicycle-related accidents involving children throughout the world. Most of injuries could be eliminated if only the helmet of the child was properly adjusted. Unfortunately, a number of parents do not understand the importance of safety measures or a proper helmet fit. They mostly prefer color, design or style while shopping for the kids helmets. Making your kid wear the helmet is as important as it is for elders. So you should not compromise on the helmet when your child is riding a kids’ bike.

Following is a list of features of best kids bike helmets for toddlers that you must keep in mind before you buy a helmet for your kid:

  • Size: Helmets do not come in a general size which can fit every child. The best thing is to take the size of your kid’s head when you go for buying a helmet. Keep the measuring tape above the eyebrows while taking the size of the circumference of the head. It will give you the accurate size and the helmet that you are buying will fit well on your child’s head.
  • Usage: Both standard kids’ bike helmets or skaters-style helmets have their pros and cons. Bicycle helmets for toddlers are light in weight, carry more vents and are usually adjustable but don’t have dual certificate. These helmets do not fit well on odd-shaped heads. Skater-style helmets are heavier, and carry dual certificate. Although these helmets lack screen and have less number of vents, they fit easily on odd-shaped heads as well.
  • Type of Buckle: Although buckle of the helmet is not a big deal, children are hesitant to wear a helmet that pinches while buckling them. Many companies have started making pinch-free buckles.
  • Visors: Visors are another main feature of a helmet as they block the sunlight from falling straight into the eyes of the kids while riding the bike. Helmets with built-in visors are best for toddlers as they provide your child the much required protection.
  • Adjustability: Adjustability of the helmets provides a perfect fit to your child. Since every child’s head can vary in size, the plastic cage inside the helmet offers proper fit to the heads of different sizes protecting the children in a better way.
  • Inmold Helmets: The in-mold helmets have plastic shell on outside and foam inside to give comfort to the child. This fusing not only makes the helmet light in weight but also provides more vents. There is no danger of the outer plastic shell to come out as it is fused strongly with the foam. These helmets are considered best for toddlers. Hard-shell helmets are heavier and are good only for skaters.
  • MIPS: Most of the good quality helmets offer extra safety measures. The full form of MIPS is Multi-directional Impact Protection System. These helmets absorb the crash impact thus reducing the damage to the minimum.
  • Certification: The helmets sold for toddlers or elderly children must carry local certification which shows that the helmet is safe for use but on condition that it fits the child properly.  


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