Guide for Buying Trucks for Longboards

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Guide for Buying Trucks for Longboards

Whether you are building skateboards for your business or whether you are making a custom longboard for yourself, you will need a longboard truck. This is a piece of metal shaped like a T that will be mounted under the deck of the longboard and then the wheels will be attached to it.  There are two trucks in every completed longboard.

Choose the correct width

The width of the longboard truck will depend on the width of the deck. They should be similar in width with a very little margin of error. The closer the match in size, the superior the performance would be because of the proper alignment between the wheels and the trucks. Be very careful when you buy trucks for your longboard, if you can’t get an exact match, buy the next size, it’s better to buy a wider truck than a narrower one.Image result for Guide for Buying Trucks for Longboards

What type of kingpin should you choose?

There are two types of kingpin; standard kingpin trucks and reverse kingpin trucks. Which of these is suited for your longboard will depend on the type of skating you do and the style of your skating. In a standard kingpin, the kingpin faces inwards towards the center and as such doesn’t interfere when you are skating through the streets or the parks.

Reverse kingpin trucks are considered more versatile and tend to be more responsive when you are cruising at low speeds. And in addition to that this type of kingpin offers stability and increased control at high speeds. Freestyle, free ride and downhill are accomplished better with this type of kingpin.

How baseplate angles affect skating

The baseplate angle is vitally important for your longboard as it affects the way the trucks turn. For a reverse kingpin truck, the baseplate angle is usually set at 50 degrees which makes them highly responsive. You can turn the longboard considerably by putting only a slight pressure on the edge of the deck because of the high angle. This angle is idle for slow skaters and beginners. A baseplate with lower angle is more unwieldy but they are suited for high speed downhills and free rides as well as skating on sharp turns. For more info about trucks you can check out

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