3 Tools to Help Increase Your E-commerce Website Conversions

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3 Tools to Help Increase Your E-commerce Website Conversions

Building an e-commerce site is just the first step of the long journey to accomplishment in the online market. Moving forward, you will have to continuously make improvements to compete favorably with your business competitors especially if you run a high-risk merchant account. These developments mainly entail equipping your site to take care of the needs of every prospect that visits your page.

In line with this, discover a few tools tech experts have designed to support micro-business owners in their endeavors to build their brands and better consumer experience.

  • Live Chat

These days, customers love to make fast decisions on services or products they would like to purchase and may set off for other options if they misunderstand your offering or have unanswered questions about it.

Adding a live chat solution can significantly impact on your conversions (by as high as 45% accordingly to Neil Patel) as well as customer service.  On-page chat does it for all businesses, even those that offer customer service via phone or email can use it to answer their visitors’ questions much faster.

  • Heatmaps

Heatmap is among the top tool for the entrepreneur who are eager to understand their visitors’ behavior patterns. Heatmps show exactly what areas your visitors focus on when they come browsing your website. This kind of data is key in analyzing your website’s effectiveness and troubleshoot when things are going south.

For instance, through Heatmaps, you can notice if visitors are not paying attention to certain areas that contain useful content and make tweaks to attract engagement.

There are numerous heatmap tools, most with free trials to help users make decisions based on first hand experience. A noteworthy example is the Crazy Egg which boosted Softmedia’s conversions by around 51 percent after spotting possible distractions on their site pages.

  • Chatbots

Ubisend’s report found that one in five customers would buy from a chatbot, and at any rate, 40 percent look forward to special offers from these Chatbots.

Chatbots are AI tools that enable consumers to communicate with bots instead of people. They have the advantage of communicating in several languages and dependable availability over live chats.


Better your consumer service and boost conversion rates this year by utilizing the above tools. Compare available options before settling for one.

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