How Louis Vuitton Became Famous

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How Louis Vuitton Became Famous


Regardless of the many designer brands in the market, Louis Vuitton has always stood out from the rest. Their exclusive perfumes, clothing and bags are loved all over the world. You might wonder what the secret behind the successful brand is.

Why is this brand surviving for this long and still renowned in the fashion world?

Well, it is the combination of innovation, exclusivity and quality. Here is more about the success of Louis Vuitton:

How the brand started

Louis Vuitton was initially a suitcase maker. He became famous for his great designs in the high-end market after establishing his French luxury brand.

Due to his reputation, he was sought by royalty for making luggage for emperor Napoleon’s wife. In 1896, the brand introduced LV monogram to the bags, a design that remains famous today.

Over the years, Louis Vuitton has introduced other famous bags such as Neverfull Tote and Speedy Bag. In 1997 they started designing women’s wear and expanded to men’s wear in 2000.

Today, Louis Vuitton is a multi-billion company selling products ranging from jewellery, watches, shoes, accessories, clothes and perfumes.

Louis Vuitton died in 1892 at the age of 72 years. However, his legacy carried on despite his death. His son George has continued growing the Louis Vuitton brand into a renowned lifestyle and luxury brand.

How Louis Vuitton’s success keeps building?

Louis Vuitton’s products are known to be esteemed, classy and instantly recognisable. So, what makes the brand successful?

Here are key factors that have been contributing to the success of the Louis Vuitton brand:

  1. Well balanced tradition and innovation

Louis Vuitton has come far and with his success a very interesting story. In the beginning, it was mostly trunks and chests, but now you will find the famous LV logo on all of their products.

The company’s key policy is personalisation and customisation of goods, allowing customers to get what they want. The brand knows how to be innovative without losing its classic tradition.

  1. Quality of the products

Quality has been the brand’s priority. Every Louis Vuitton fan will admit that this strategy pays off.

Instea of focusing on marketing, the brand puts more efforts on producing products that are exceptional in both craftsmanship and design.

Louis Vuitton bags are individually handmade with the utmost care. Regardless of the company expanding to large scale production, they still have a way of maintaining a small company feel producing quality goods.

  1. Exclusive series of LV pieces

Exclusivity has contributed significantly to the success of the Louis Vuitton brand. If a product is available on mass, buyers can postpone making a purchase.

The opposite is true if buyers know that a certain series will only be available for only a limited period.

Most people are willing to spend their last dollar on exclusive products since numbers are limited. Exclusive series are only available on occasion via certain sale channels.

  1. Designed and promoted by the best

Louis Vuitton products are designed and promoted by the best marketing team. Over the years, Louis Vuitton has been involved with top names such as Sybilla, Helmut Hang, Manolo Blahnik, Isaac Mizrahi, Romeo Gigli and Stephen Sprouse.

Besides perfect products, a brand needs adequate promotion to make it in the competitive fashion industry.

Louis Vuitton uses glamorous celebrities and models to promote their luxury goods. Louis Vuitton stars both new and established models in their LV campaigns.

You might want to look at Louis Vuitton differently now that you know how far the brand has come, and all that makes it successful. Louis Vuitton is not just any other shoe, bag or company; you should wear and own their products proudly.




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