How to Choose the Perfect Asymmetrical Prom Dress in 2019?

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How to Choose the Perfect Asymmetrical Prom Dress in 2019?

Symmetry is overrated for sure even if it floats the boat for many people. It is pleasing to the eyes, less bold and even one of the safest choices that women make while choosing prom dresses. It is quintessential that you have prom dress that resonates with your personality and speaks volumes for you instead of just accentuating or enhancing those features. It is paramount that it does, but it should just do that little extra for you.

You could be appreciative of multiple trends, and it is easy to get carried away given that they are so overwhelming. Even though there are a lot of cuts and hemlines that feel new and brilliant, it is always your call, if you want to go for it or not. Nevertheless, it is a prom dress, and it has to be nothing but bold and gorgeous, just like you.

Why Asymmetrical?

It is a diabolical question as to why the dress has to be asymmetrical. Well, there are several reasons. Asymmetry is bold and edgy which is not everyone’s’ cup of tea. Depending on different body types, it draws attention to the part where you want it to be drawn. It adds height, camouflages different awkward body parts, and it can be styled in a new and different way over and over again.

You can twist it and play around with the sleeve, neckline and so much more such that the silhouette is flattering. Bodices are customised such that you look beautiful and the dress flaunts your features. With different fabrics and cuts, you can make them stand out without spending too much on the clothes too. All you need is an idea which ensures that it is one of a kind.

Move over the necklines, asymmetrical is the new trend irrespective of what runways have been using in a proliferating sequence over the ages. Nevertheless, it took ages for symmetry to be accepted widely and it became one of the most adorable cuts that we see on runways and subsequently stores and everywhere else.

As far as your prom dress is concerned, it is important you understand your body and feed it with the required designs. Asymmetry is one of the best ways to flaunt and enhance your features. You can pair it up with the right accessories, and it would be a talk of the town in no time. Be it going for that irregular hemline or just experimenting with the neckline, using the layer of sheath and lace for a better bodice or just accentuating that collar; you can add and subtract features which give your dress the feels.

Asymmetrical dresses add age and volume to the dress, and it should be chosen according to your body type. It is easy and simple when you go with the flow instead of just following trends blindly. So next time you walk into that prom dress store, you listen to your needs and pick out an asymmetrical dress that makes you look beautiful.

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