Magnetic bracelets can improve blood circulation

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Magnetic bracelets can improve blood circulation

The debate between modern medicine and alternative therapy will continue forever. In fact, it is wrong to call the alternate therapies as alternate in the first place. This is because they are in existence thousands of years before the invention of modern medicine. Strictly speaking, modern medicine should be the alternative one to these therapies. Maybe the fact that they are not as organized enough goes against their favour. However, that is not the question we are going to discuss now. We shall see the effect of magnetic bracelets on the body and see how it provides relief from medical ailments like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Improves blood circulation:

Magnet therapy claims to improve blood circulation whereby more oxygenated blood reaches the affected areas resulting in providing relief from the pain caused by arthritis. This fact is seconded by various people who have benefited from this therapy. Theoretically, it is possible for magnets to influence the flow of blood. This is because the magnets create an electromagnetic field on the areas they come in contact with the skin. This electromagnetic field penetrates the cellular structure and relaxes the soft tissues surrounding the affected area. The higher proportion of blood flowing towards the area results in the reduction of the inflammation. This ultimately reduces the pain caused by arthritis.

Provides a relaxation effect:

Magnets can stimulate the body to produce melatonin, a sleep inducing hormone. The secretion of this hormone results in improved sleep. Therefore, people with insomniac conditions can benefit from use of magnetic therapy. This increase in the production of melatonin results in providing complete relaxation. This is good for the overall health of the body.

No need to resort to drugs:

Magnetic therapy has a positive effect on the patient’s psyche. People expect positive things to happen when they use magnetic therapy. This positivity rubs on to the confidence levels of the individual thereby making them feel all the more positive. The fact that you do not need to resort to use of drugs makes this therapy very attractive to sportspersons. They can benefit from the advantages of this therapy without having any fear of failing drug tests. In addition, this therapy has a continuing effect on their reflexes, especially people playing games like golf or tennis. These sportspersons can wear the sports bracelets on their wrists and take advantage of magnetic therapy.

These sports bracelets are extremely light because they are made of silicon. Therefore, it does not affect the balance of the sportspersons in any way.

Side effects:

There are not many side effects of the use of magnetic bracelets. People have complained of having rashes on the skin especially the places where the magnets come in contact with the body. This is a temporary feeling and it subsides when you remove the magnets. The principal reason behind this occurrence is that our body takes time to adjust to the new surroundings. Similarly, some people have also complained of tingling sensations and a feeling of dizziness at times. These are all temporary issues.

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