Medical Properties of Cannabis

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Medical Properties of Cannabis

The use of Marijuana is slowly being legalized in certain countries. However, it is still illegal in a huge part of the world. There are various petitions to make the use of cannabis for medical purposes legal throughout the world. Marijuana or cannabis or weed as many people call it has various health benefits. There are many ways of taking medicinal marijuana including patches, vaping as well as taking pills to name a few. Weed seeds for sale are also available in certain places in the world. Listed below are a few ailments that cannabis is proven to help people with.

  • GLAUCOMA: This is a disease which commonly occurs in diabetic patients where increased pressure on the optic nerve that can cause loss of eyesight. Smoking marijuana according to the National Eye Center decreases the intraocular pressure thus helping with glaucoma and almost curing it.
  • LUNG AILMENTS: It is said that smoking cannabis does not cause any lung issues. In fact, a study says that smoking weed can improve lung health and increase its capacity. It may, in fact, reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco. However, the increase in lung capacity might also just be the result of deep breathing while inhaling the drug.
  • EPILEPSY: CBD or cannabinoids in the marijuana contain calming properties. Thus there have been studies that say cannabis can help control epileptic seizures. It has not been proven to cure epilepsy, but the cannabinoids bind with the brain cells that are responsible for regulating and controlling excitement and relaxation.
  • CANCER: A study in 2007 said that cannabis could help slow or prevent cancer from spreading in the body. It turns the gene Id-1 off. This gene is multiplied more by cancerous cells than non-cancerous cells. Marijuana thus by turning this gene off prevents cancer from spreading throughout the body.
  • ANXIETY: Medical marijuana is said to have properties of reducing anxiety. Small doses of marijuana help people calm down. It also helps people suffering from depression. However, marijuana in large doses increases anxiety and makes people paranoid as marijuana also leads to introspection and over thinking.
  • ALZHEIMERS DISEASE: THC is an active chemical found in marijuana. This chemical is said to help in slowing the growth of amyloid plaques. This is what kills the brain cells causing the Alzheimer’s disease. Thus even though cannabis cannot cure Alzheimer’s it can help slow the process.
  • SIDE EFFECTS OF HEPATITIS C TREATMENTS: There are various side effects of the hepatitis C treatment. They include nausea, fatigue, muscle spasms or pain etc. Cannabis can help patients deal with all these side effects. Marijuana is a great way to suppress nausea. It also helps relax the muscles thus proving beneficial for people dealing with the side effects of this treatment. Studies also state that marijuana improves the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASES: Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases can supposedly be cured by the use of marijuana. Certain chemicals found in marijuana or cannabis interacts with the cells that are responsible for our immune systems and gut function. They help bind the cells of the intestines together thus curing these diseases.

Even though marijuana has various health benefits and is used as a cure for certain diseases, it is important to know that there is a possibility of addiction as pot seeds are available for sale quite easily where marijuana is legalized. Therefore one must follow the doctors’ directions and use cannabis in very small doses.

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