Steps To Guard Your Eyelashes from Damages

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Steps To Guard Your Eyelashes from Damages

Eyebrows and eyelashes are the most important features of your face. Longer lustrous lashes add to the facial beauty and charm. Eyelashes can look beautiful with or without the mascara if you go the all-natural route

It is possible to take care of your eyelashes that enhance the overall appearance of your face.  Oil for eyelashes is exactly the ingredient you are looking for. Looking at what it can do your flutter you can figure out that consistent use of essential oils can fetch surprising results as well. Here’s everything you need to know about making your eyelashes strong.

Petroleum jelly

If you are prone to weak eyelashes your beauty ritual can benefit from the consistent use of Petroleum jelly on the eyelashes. It acts as a remedy for weak eyelashes at the same time hydrates the root to avoid breaking easily. They also contain essential nutrients that offer nourishment to the eyelashes. However, you have to follow the routine as you need to take care of your eyelashes for at least 2 weeks to see the results. Ensure you can buy a separate disposable wand and secure the petroleum jelly in an airtight container before and after application. Store it in a cool dry place and cover it every time after the use. At the same time make sure you clean the wand well. With the regular application, you will notice an evident improvement in the volume and health of the eyelashes.

Lemon peels

Next time don’t throw away the lemon peels after you squeeze the juice out of it. This is because Lemon peels are a rich source of Vitamin A and C which facilitates hair growth. The same property can be beneficial if you could try applying just the lemon peels on your eyelashes. It may sting initially because of the citric acid but the sensitivity will soon be turned into a soothing experience. To avoid the irritation you can even soak it in oil prior application or blend them with castor oils, lavender, rosemary and neem.

Green tea

Green tea contains anti-oxidants that bring back your dull and non-lustrous eyelashes to life. Green tea is used both externally and internally to throw away wastes or pollutants in the body. They act as natural cleansers and just like any other essential oil they contain anti-oxidants that are good for the internal digestive system. This is why most of the people who want to stay fit take  make an effort to drink a few cups of green tea every day by including green teas in their beauty regimes,

Lack of care will certainly leave you with sparse and thin eyelashes. Mascaras that you apply on your eyelashes will give a better experience only if they are naturally healthy. So try the organic way to make the best use of your mascaras.

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