Tips to Stay Warm in Winter

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Tips to Stay Warm in Winter

Although the winter in the lowlands is now going to its undeserved end, hopefully, it will remain cold in the mountains for quite a while. So here are the best tips so that you can stay warm even in the dead of winter and in the cold.

Attract More

The first and most important and vital protective barrier against cold is the right clothing. Strictly coordinated with the optimized onion principle, the air heated by the body is kept and doesn’t escape. As the last reserve, I always have a really thick and warm down jacket in my backpack, so that I don’t overcool during breaks, for example when backing up. However, here you can buy winter jacket collections.

Eat More

Fat and calories are directly related to the body’s heat balance. Especially these two fuels ensure that the body has enough energy to stay warm. Good and rich breakfast and in between high-calorie snacks are the basis for a day in snow and ice. Keep chocolate bars close to your body. Otherwise, you can only suck on them. Instant soups or mashed potatoes are always in the backpack for long days.

Drink More

Dehydration makes for even more chill, so a big thermos is a good investment! Sweetened herbal tea, also like with ginger for the extra heat boost, is my favorite. If it takes longer again: a small sachet with cardboard-sweet instant herbal tea and a stove for melting snow is also there.

Move More

Everything already dressed at the stand and still cold? In a walk almost freezing? Exercise helps to get the circulation and the body’s own heating plant back on track. Whether it’s squats or jogging up the steep hillside, it makes your heart pump. With cold hands, it helps to rotate your arms as fast as possible until the blood in your fingers tingles.

Cold Feet and Hands

If you manage to keep your hands and feet warm, you’ve already won. Always have enough gloves and socks for the rotating change, and actually change as soon as the one pair has become a bit clammy. Water is the best heat conductor, so be sure to avoid damp gloves and socks. In the case of cases, I always have hand warmers. These are small bags that generate chemical heat energy when kneading or kinking. One in each glove works wonders!


In the end, only one thing remains acceptance. It’s winter; it’s cold. They wanted it that way. It’s like climbing: it’s all a matter of the mind. The mind triumphs over the body. It takes a bit of practice, but it works better with time. Get in the cold, that’s normal, since time immemorial. Keep the negative thoughts at a distance, dream yourself in the South Seas.


At the beginning of winter we take the cold much stronger, the longer we are exposed to the cold, the more we get used to it. I read about a climber who carried snowballs with his bare hands to get used to them.


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