Top 4 Metals Used for Making Fine Jewelry

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Top 4 Metals Used for Making Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry, by definition, is made using precious metals and/or precious stones in various combinations. The beauty of this kind ofjewelry lies in the fact that it is something for us to keep for years to come – somethingthat you would want your future generations to have and cherish.

The luster of the metals, with proper care, will be the same for many years to come. These metals are special and the exquisite designs at MYEL fine jewelry make them more so.The most common metals used are gold, silver, platinum and Titanium


Gold, when made into jewelry, needs to be combined with other metals as it is too soft to be crafted otherwise. It is available in different colorsand purity levels.It gets its yellow color when it is mixed with silver and copper or zinc. White gold is obtained when combined with silver and palladium. It is generally plated with rhodium. Rose gold has a high proportion of copper in it

Pure gold is said to be 24 karat gold. As we keep adding different metals to it, its purity goes down. 22K gold would typically have 22 parts of gold and 2 parts of another metal. Similarly, 18K gold would have 6 parts out of 24 of another metal


About thirty times rarer as compared to gold, Platinum is a naturally white precious metal mined directly from the earth. Its strength and density make it durable for use in jewelry. For jewelry, it is used with 95% purity as it is quite strong on its own. Owing to its natural white color, it also does not require Rhodium plating.

Platinum is much more expensive than gold. A similar piece of jewelry in gold will cost you half the amount as in platinum. This is impacted by three factors – the weight, the purity and the cost of platinum. All these factors are higher as compared to gold.

Platinum is mainly used to produce rings for men and women, but not for earrings, necklaces, pendants or bracelets. This limitation is because of the weight of the metal.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver, which is white-grey in color, is not as expensive as Gold, Platinum or Titanium. It is a very soft metal and is used in jewelry with a purity of 92.5%. A large variety of jewelry pieces can be made using silver. Since it is prone to oxidization, it cannot be worn for long periods at a stretch. This makes it unsuitable for everyday useand henceis not recommended for wedding rings or engagement rings. The effects of oxidization can be removed with ease to make it look as good as new with a silver jewelry cleaner.


Titanium is a silver-grayish-white colored natural element. Itis very light in weight, yet it is the hardest natural metal in the world with strength three times that of steel. Pure titanium is safe for everyone as it does not react with the skin. It also offers an array of colors that other metals do not.

Titanium is popular for use in men’s wedding bands, watches, and men’s bracelets.The negative side of using Titanium for jewelry is that it cannot be modified – ithas to be completely re-made

With such great metals available for making fine jewelry, it is indeed difficult to choose one over the other.

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