What do Different Colored Briefcases MEAN?

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What do Different Colored Briefcases MEAN?

We are sure you must have never read such an article before, but we know you surely want to!

There are different colored leather briefcases for men and every single color represents something. Well, this is not an official representation sort of a thing, but this is what we feel when we catch men carrying briefcases created by various designers or brands in different colors.

If you are excited to read this, let us not make you wait any more. We are sure you would want to own at least three of the below mentioned colors in briefcases:

  1. Feeling ‘blue’ in a good way: Blue is a color that represents sadness, but this is not true at all. We are not sure why this color is said to be the color of depression. Personally, we have always been fans of this color, since it is quite manly. Nevertheless, whether you are going through a happy time or a sad one, this is the color that you can carry wherever you go.
  2. The Gothic lover who always prefers ‘black’: We have this specific group of people, whether they label themselves as gothic or not, that prefer black all the time.
  3. ‘Brown’ briefcase in the hand: There was brown girl in the ring; now it is brown briefcase in the hand. If you don’t have time to get tanned in the sun, your briefcase has done it on your behalf.
  4. The man who loves ‘chocolate’: First there was a light brown shade, now is the dark brown shade. If you like chocolate, no matter of what kind, this is perhaps the color you have always been waiting for.
  5. Mr. Grey in different shades: Who doesn’t want to be Mr. Grey? There are various shades of grey in which briefcases for men are available. Artificial leather material is used for the creation of such briefcases and thus, you fall in love with them the moment you touch the texture.

So when you resume work from the next week – which color would you want to carry to work?

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